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    Welcome to Luxury Villas at Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham, Dwarka.

    The Eco-Spiritual Resort is spread across 15 acres. With 60+ suites and around 200 villas, Hawthorn Suites - Dwarka offers a spiritual getaway like no other.

    Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham® is an extended stay brand that provides an ideal atmosphere for travellers, whether they are embarking on a temporary assignment, relocating to a new area or vacationing. Guests enjoy spacious suites, free Internet, complimentary breakfast and social hours,and the convenience of services such as on-premise stores and laundry facilities for a feeling of home while away on longer stays. Hawthorn Suites are located throughout North America and have presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

    At Hawthorn Suites - Dwarka, we have handpicked amenities that restore the balance of body, mind and soul. The resort is not just a getaway but also a destination to achieve inner peace and connect with your soul.

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  2. Lifestyle Highlights
    The Krishna Museum

    Explore a pictorial journey of Lord Krishna from birth to liberation. The art gallery showcases the works of noted artisans from India and abroad.

    Hare Krishna Concert Hall

    Experience divine music. At Hare Krishna Concert Hall, you will find talented artisans from India and around the world performing bhajans, devotional songs and mythological plays.

    Stargazing Camps

    Go nature-camping in lush green meadows. Stargazing at this eco-spiritual resort is an experience unlike any other.

    Satva - The Satvik Restaurant

    Experience fine dining that celebrates the joy of pure vegetarian satvik diet as ordained by the Lord himself. Every delicacy at Satva has been curated by one of India's leading chefs and has been sourced locally from the farms at Hawthorn Suites - Dwarka.

    Dwarkamati - The Lord's Sanctuary

    Try your hand at farming. The fully sustainable farm provides fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for the kitchen needs of the entire resort. That's not all; you can feed the cattle, milk the cows and indulge in various activities such as making butter, preparing ghee and favourite sweets of Lord Krishna.

    Kamal Kund - The Lotus Pond

    Celebrate the divine amidst a beautiful landscaped garden around a lotus pond.
    The landscaped garden features enchanting murals and artefacts that depict the glory of Lord Krishna. Come evening and you will see native artisans performing Raas Leela. Perform yagna at the Homkund area to cleanse the atmosphere by oering ghee, camphor, cow dung and locally sourced firewood.

    Aasana Yoga Retreat

    The Yoga Healers at Hawthorn Suites - Dwarka, help the guests achieve mental, physical and spiritual detoxification through Yoga, Meditation and Diet counselling.

    Prana Herbal Spa and Wellness Centre

    At Prana, the guests can rejuvenate their minds and bodies through tailor-made spa and wellness solutions.

    Dhyana Meditation Garden

    Dhyana meditation garden is the perfect place to find inner peace. The skilled meditation coaches at Hawthorn Suites - Dwarka guide the guests through sessions of mindfulness and Zen meditation.

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1 BHK Deluxe
Payment Plan
S. No. Unit Type Price Token Remaining DP DP (40%) Loan Amount (60%)
1 1 BHK Deluxe Rs. 57,50,000 Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 21,50,000 Rs. 23,00,000 Rs. 34,50,000

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

1 BHK Super Deluxe
Payment Plan
S. No. Unit Type Price Token Remaining DP DP (40%) Loan Amount (60%)
1 1 BHK Super Deluxe Rs. 66,12,500 Rs. 2,00,000 Rs. 24,45,000 Rs. 26,45,000 Rs. 39,67,500

* Terms & Conditions Apply.

2 BHK Super Deluxe
Payment Plan
S. No. Unit Type Price Token Remaining DP DP (40%) Loan Amount (60%)
1 2 BHK Super Deluxe Rs. 80,00,000 Rs. 3,00,000 Rs. 29,00,000 Rs. 32,00,000 Rs. 48,00,000

* Terms & Conditions Apply.


Site Address: "Hawthorn Suites", Village Baradia, State Highway-6, Dwarka.

Head Office: 705, Shivalik Abaise, Opp. Shell Petrol Pump, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad - 380 015.


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