India is one of the largest economies among developing nations to have high purchasing power parity. The per capita income of individuals has increased over the past decade, paving the way to changing lifestyles. Changing food habits, lack of physical activity and increasing number of people involved in sedentary jobs has increased the incidence of lifestyle diseases. Consumption of fast foods and packaged foods that lack proper nutrients has played a key role in increasing the incidences of lifestyle diseases such as obesity in India.

According to Frost & Sullivan , Indian Wellnes market is projected to grow to US $4 billion in 2018 at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17%. According to the Indian statistical data, obesity rates in India have increased by 20%, and 40% of deaths in this country is associated with cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Moreover, with 67 million diabetic patients and 30 million in a pre-diabetic condition, India is projected to be the capital of diabetes by 2030. All of these factors portray the penetration potential of Wellnes products in India. Increasing food security concerns by Indian consumers have also lead to the development of more fortified foods in the Indian market.

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